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  • 2022 Supt.’s Service Award Nominee: Gail Plitt

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    The nominees for this year’s Superintendent’s Service Award of Excellence include Gail Plitt, Head Secretary at East Elementary School (EES) in Leduc. Her colleagues describe Gail as being truly amazing – she is kind, loving, knowledgeable and she goes above and beyond her typical job requirements in supporting students and helping them feel safe and nurtured at the school.

    “Gail helps students feel safe by creating a welcoming environment in the office,” said EES teacher Lia Chernenkoff, who co-nominated Gail. “She is respectful and playful with the staff and students, and has a great sense of humor which can light up a room.”

    “Gail’s commitment to the Division shines through in her strong and caring connections with staff and students,” said EES Principal and co-nominator Zane Chomlak. “She makes it her goal to remember every student and staff name at the beginning of the year. She takes the time to check in with staff and students throughout the day and supports us with her kind and compassionate personality.”

    Gail values the health and wellness of every member of the school community and commits herself to sustaining a positive culture every day. She has worked hard to create an inclusive environment at East Elementary that embraces diversity and is supportive and safe for all. “She does this by paying attention to how all people are treated and includes everyone in the conversation,” said Vice Principal and co-nominator Tanya Dukeshire. “She is not afraid to celebrate holidays which may be different and embraces learning about other cultures and families.”

    Gail has organized fundraisers and gift baskets for staff and has delivered them on her own time. She contributes to staff morale and spirit by dressing up for school dress up days. Many of the dress up days are created by the student councils and she loves to support the students and their ideas. She does not shy away from letting her silly side shine through. She is a ray of sunshine and people just naturally gravitate towards her.

    Gail also goes above and beyond in helping the school social committee organize events, and has gladly hosted events at her house to allow staff with opportunities to connect and build relationships. She truly embodies Black Gold’s vision of inspiring success!

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