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  • 2023 Inspiring Success Award Nominee: Joanne Gibson

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    The nominees for this year’s Inspiring Success Award of Distinction include École Bellevue School (EBS) Educational Assistant, Joanne Gibson.

    Joanne Gibson works with students in all Grade levels at École Bellevue School. She is the Div 2 EA specialist and works in multiple ways to help support reading, writing and numeracy skills with Grades 4-6 students. She will often work in small groups or one on one with these students, and she has a way of always knowing exactly what accommodation each student needs in order to succeed.

    Joanne demonstrates strong leadership skills throughout the day. She takes initiative when delivering teacher-led activities, and enjoys coming up with fun new games and activities to share with the students. With the Grade 6 leaders at recess, she helps them come up and teach engaging recess activities to younger students. She encourages them to take charge, share their knowledge and create a safe and inclusive environment. Joanne is a leader among staff. When she learns new things about programs and resources, she shares her knowledge with her colleagues. She offers to sit with them, go through the material and offers to “team educate” as well.

    “Joanne is always the first person to help others. She is understanding of student needs, and finds ways to connect with them. She is a good listener and gives students a safe and caring place for them to be themselves,” said one of the nominators, Melanie Harry. “Joanne’s contagious laughter brings joy to staff and students daily. She has a love for practical jokes and has a great sense of humour. She has an incredible rapport with all of the staff members and is a supportive friend to all who are a part of our Bellevue family.”

    Joanne inspires success in students at Bellevue School. She is a key member in helping deliver reading and writing intervention to students. She works mainly supporting literacy groups in Grades 2 to 4, motivating them to try their best while encouraging and challenging them along the way.

    Joanne continues to make an impact at Bellevue and in the community with her strong leadership qualities and drive to inspire success in all students and staff.

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