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  • 2023 Inspiring Success Award Nominee: Kylie Rott

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    The nominees for this year’s Inspiring Success Award of Distinction include Riverview Middle School (RMS) Mental Health Lead Teacher, Kylie Rott.

    Kylie Rott has made a significant impact within Black Gold School Division and specifically the Devon community. Kylie has been a remarkable teacher and leader at Riverview Middle School for the better part of the past decade. At Riverview Middle School, Kylie Rott’s name has become a staple in the home of so many families within our school. Kylie has a reputation of being a kind, fair, empathetic, and genuine human being.

    Kylie is passionate about and cares deeply for ensuring that students have the opportunity to be active, not only during the school day but outside of school hours as well. She has been an active coach at Riverview Middle School and has used this time to form meaningful relationships with students. She has coached countless volleyball teams and has even organized retreats between other Black Gold Schools. She creates meaningful relationships with her homeroom students, as well as the entire student body.

    “One of Kylie’s greatest strengths is her ability to build meaningful relationships with her students, colleagues, and families. She establishes an environment of mutual respect and trust, creating a strong sense of community within her classroom and the school as a whole,” said one of the nominators, Jared Coffin. “Her commitment to building positive relationships extends beyond the school walls, as she actively engages with the broader community and contributes to making it a better place. Students and families, even after years of moving on from Riverview Middle School, still flock back to Riverview to see Kylie for support and guidance.”

    Kylie Rott is a remarkable educator who embodies the core values of the Black Gold School Division. Her commitment to student-centred learning, fostering positive relationships, creating a safe and supportive environment, inspiring passion, and practicing responsible resource management is truly exceptional. Kylie’s dedication and unwavering efforts have had a profound impact on her students, colleagues, and the broader community.

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