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  • 2023 Inspiring Success Award Nominee: Nathaniel Mupingo

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    The nominees for this year’s Inspiring Success Award of Distinction include Caledonia Park School (CPS) Head Custodian, Nathaniel Mupingo.

    Nathaniel has made a notable, significant, and positive contribution to Black Gold School Division through his encouraging nature, kindness, joy, and an exceptional ability to create a sense of community within the school setting. As a custodian, Nathaniel has consistently shown a strong commitment to ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the school environment. He takes pride in his work and goes above and beyond to make sure that the school is well-maintained and welcoming for students, staff, and visitors. 

    Nathaniel’s infectious enthusiasm and warm demeanor have made him a beloved member of the school community. He is always eager to lend a helping hand, offer a kind word, and make everyone feel valued and appreciated. Nathaniel’s efforts have fostered a strong sense of community within the school, where students and staff feel connected and supported. His positive impact on Black Gold School Division as a custodian is truly remarkable, and he has undoubtedly made a difference in the lives of many students and colleagues.

    “Nathaniel is the most significant and positive co-worker, friend and a wonderful person to work with at Black Gold  School Division,” said one of the nominators, Debra Drew. “Staff and children love all the respect and positive attitude that is shown every day to inspire us all to do the same. Thank you always for making every day an enjoyable day with your beautiful smile and kindness.”

    In addition to getting to know students and their hobbies and interests, Nathaniel is also very encouraging in their endeavours. He will always pause his day to listen to a student eager to talk about the activity they are doing in class, or their family, or extracurricular events on a weekend.

    Nathaniel has made an identifiable impact and significant differences in the Black Gold school community by always providing safety, inspiration and making a work day more enjoyable. He shows support and a listening ear to staff and children during the day. His compassion and understanding have encouraged everyone to always do their best at everything they try.

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