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  • 2023 Supt.’s Service Award Nominee: Kirsten Chiesa

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    The nominees for this year’s Superintendent’s Service Award for Excellence include École Bellevue School (EBS) Early Child Services Teacher, Kirsten Chiesa.

    Kirsten embodies the qualities of positivity, motivation, and compassion that define an exemplary teacher in our division. She always applies herself at 110% percent. She readily goes the ‘extra mile’ to make learning engaging and exciting for her students and the many additional staff that also come to support her students. She finds joy in every day and does not get “stuck” after the hard days. She is driven to solve problems, overcome obstacles and make a real difference.

    Kirsten is very active in her many roles within Black Gold. She has taken on leadership roles this year to enhance the programming of our ECS students. She has made several contributions to the ECS community, including the planned expansion of outdoor play yards or fenced “backyards” to all ECS sites.

    “Kirsten is one of the hardest workers I know and somehow balances her busy school and home life with grace,” said one of the nominators, Christina Flanagan. “She is a mother, a wife, a friend, a ball player, and an active doggie mama. She is adventurous and loves all of her roles. She is genuinely a remarkable human!”

    Kirsten Chiesa shares her knowledge and positivity over and above her classroom, parent groups, school colleagues and colleague with our district professional learning community. She readily welcomes staff into her classroom, comprised of a significantly complex student population, to highlight developmentally appropriate programming to share and enhance success for all.

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