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  • 2023 Inspiring Success Award Nominee: Denise Harrison

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    The nominees for this year’s Inspiring Success Award of Distinction include Leduc Estates School (LES) Principal, Denise Harrison.

    Over the course of her remarkable career, and throughout her various positions within Black Gold School Division, Denise Harrison has inspired success among her colleagues and students. With experience teaching in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten to High School, Denise is a phenomenal teacher who is adept at connecting with students of all ages. Through teaching, coaching, and organizing special events, she always ensures her students feel valued. Denise is also a supportive colleague and amazing Mentor to numerous Student Teachers and Beginning Teachers.

    Many years ago, Denise spearheaded the ECS Coordinator position. She shared her wealth of knowledge with her Early Childhood team and was integral in creating an exceptional ECS Program across the Black Gold School Division. From 2009-2013 Denise went on to lead Black Gold’s AISI team, coordinating and guiding a small team of instructional coaches and positively impacting schools across the District. Her work in disciplinary literacy during this time brought all subject-level teachers to the table and created a common language amongst them, driving forward Denise’s belief in the importance of literacy everywhere.

    “The scope of Denise’s impact is immeasurable. Her work with teachers and students is both professionally and personally life-changing. There is a lineup of people who cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award,” said one of the nominators, Kyla Horvat. “Denise’s legacy will live on in any teacher who has had her in their corner as they are fighting the “good fight”. Her support of us all will never be forgotten.” 

    Denise coordinates and oversees the Black Gold K-9 Summer School Program. Helping students find their true potential and gain access to the support they require is of paramount importance to her. She always focuses on the best interests of her students, as she works closely with the Summer School Staff to identify and address each student’s area of need.

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