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  • Black Gold students find success at Skills competitions

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    On May 5, 2023, students from the Black Gold School Division joined their peers from across Alberta to compete in the Provincial Skills Canada Competition in Edmonton.

    Calmar Secondary School students Maike Bakker, Walker Hansen, and Eric Stobee competed in the Precision Machining category, and Bella Kehoe from École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School competed in the Graphic Design category.

    The Calmar students took all three top spots in Precision Machining, with Bakker winning the bronze, Hansen winning silver, and Stobee capturing the gold. Bella also placed first with a gold in Graphic Design.

    Given their first place finishes, Stobee and Kehoe then went on to compete for Team Alberta in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the Skills Canada National Competition on May 23-27.

    “The competition was amazing!” said Stobee, who garnered a silver medal at the nationals. “There were lots of good people and it was a great experience.”

    “It was an incredible experience to see everyone thriving and being in their own areas doing what they love,” said Kehoe, who received a Bronze medal.

    Calmar Secondary shop teacher Darren Roth has been taking his students to the Canada-wide competition for over 10 years. He is incredibly proud of Stobee for getting silver in this year’s National Competition.

    “We have been to the national competition maybe eight or nine times, and I think we have medaled seven or eight times,” said Roth. “We have been awarded a couple of silvers, one gold, and a bunch of bronzes, so the kids generally do quite well.”

    “I think what led to success for Bella is that she has a really clear sense of her style, graphically speaking,” said her teacher Kaley Taylor. “But it takes more than that to be successful. Time management, knowledge of the software, and really being able to make decisions under a lot of pressure. To see her be successful in this way is just so exciting!”

    Stobee and Kehoe hope to use their skills and the experience they gained in their future endeavors, and Bella hopes to continue pursuing her passion for design while pursuing a teaching career.

    Congratulations to all students who participated in the Skills competitions. It just goes to show that Black Gold students have amazing talent and skills, who are nurtured by their caring teachers, and supported by forward-looking educational programming in our schools.

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