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  • ÉCVS students reach for the stars in STEM showcase

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    On April 26, 2023, over 40 grade nine students from École Champs Vallée School in Beaumont participated in a STEM showcase sponsored by the Alberta Emerald Foundation called “Guided by the Sun: Exploring solutions for energy efficiency on Earth and for space exploration utilizing automation, solar technologies and inspired by Indigenous ways of knowing.”

    The objective for each student team was to develop a solar-powered automated Microbit system for space exploration that would ultimately help to improve life on Earth. Their strategies varied from increasing energy efficiency through automation, monitoring and improving ]their environment, using radio controls, and even deploying solar technologies to power automated robotics, including a Canadarm III and Lunar rover. The students also had the opportunity to show off their projects to other students, parents and community members.

    “I have always believed that space exploration is a spark for innovation,” said Grade 9 STEM Teacher Mme. Amanda Green. “However, it would be irresponsible for us to leave this planet and explore space without exploring and developing technologies to improve life here on Earth first.”

    The students were able to learn more about our planet by going on an Indigenous land-based field trip. Students explored Indigenous art in the Edmonton River Valley, played Métis games, and sat by the fire to hear nature stories from a local Cree Elder.

    This is the fourth time that Mme. Green has done a project like this with her students.

    “The knowledge that we gained from [this experience] was great!” said one student. “And the fact that we do have a chance to – in some small way – contribute to space exploration and life on Mars is so interesting.”

    Mme. Green is so proud of the thoughtful projects that the students have developed.

    “If we have a problem in Canada, these students will help to solve it,” she said. “That’s how we are going to get a maple leaf on the Moon – with these great creative, innovative ideas!”

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