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  • Meet our 2023 Edwin Parr Teacher Award Nominee!

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    The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Kendra Fedor, a first year Grade One English teacher at Ecole Bellevue School in Beaumont, is the Division’s nominee for the 2023 Edwin Parr Teacher Award.

    “Kendra fosters strong, healthy and professional relationships with students, parents, staff and community members,” said Board Chair Esther Eckert. “She does an excellent job developing rapport with her students, and has worked to establish a true community of learners in her classroom. We are fortunate to have Kendra, along with so many other great teachers, in our Black Gold family.”

    “Being the start of her teaching career, it was incredible to see and hear the excitement
    from both students and parents when they found out Kendra was going to be their teacher this
    year,” said Ecole Bellevue School Principal Jennifer El-Khatib. “Kendra was both a volunteer for several years and then a student teacher in our kindergarten last year, so she is known to our community. Students truly enjoy being in her class, and our families cherish her and the classroom experience she offers.”

    Kendra has embraced École Bellevue School’s mission of “we will provide the best possible
    education for all École Bellevue School students.” According to her colleagues, it is evident when observing Kendra teach that she cares deeply for her students, and she always greets them with a smile.

    She demonstrates care and concern when dealing with her students, and uses positive reinforcement and praise to encourage proper conduct and to promote meaningful learning.

    Even though she is a new teacher, Kendra’s routines and procedures are well established; her classroom management techniques are inclusive, positive and maintain the dignity of all students. She has excelled in this area, which is very complex and challenging to even the most seasoned teacher.

    “Kendra has a number of students with complex/moderate needs in her classroom this year,” said Principal El-Khatib. “Kendra fully understands how to tailor her programming to
    these students while ensuring they are included in the classroom. Not only is the learning
    completely individualized, Kendra allows opportunities for her students to play and interact
    with her in the classroom setting.”

    Kendra is amazing at collaborating with her colleagues and administrators. She has a great
    personality and is always willing to spend time with staff and students. Kendra models good
    citizenship, community values, and attitudes.

    She is always open to constructive feedback and fully cooperates with the direction of the
    school administration. Although Kendra’s craft is well refined, she continually strives to change or improve practices to keep current and fresh for students. She has demonstrated reflection and improvement in her lessons and is most often her toughest critique.

    “It is evident that Kendra strives to her best and is continually finding ways to improve, especially when it comes to improving student success,” said Principal El-Khatib.

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