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  • Board approves 2024-2027 Education Plan

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    The Board of Trustees voted to approve the Black Gold School Division’s 2024-2027 Education Plan at its regular public meeting on Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

    “As we continue to navigate a period of significant enrolment growth within our school division, the Board trusts that we are demonstrating success, meeting performance measures, and increasing the confidence of our greater community in Black Goldʼs work,” said Board Chair Esther Eckert. 

    The 2024-27 Education Plan meets the needs of our rapidly growing and diverse student populations while continuing to emphasize the Division’s priorities and associated goals, and aligning with the local and provincial measures.

    This year, resources will be focused on the following areas of work:

    • New Curriculum implementation
    • Increased teacher efficacy through the implementation of Visible Learning strategies. 
    • Supporting growth and achievement in the area of Literacy and Numeracy.
    • Student and Staff wellness
    • Career pathway awareness.
    • Opening of Ohpaho Secondary School in the City of Leduc

    “Education planning is a collaborative team effort that forms the foundation of the success and well-being of everyone in the Black Gold School Division,” said Superintendent of Learning Services Norm Dargis. “Once again, we are grateful to the teachers, administrators, support staff, students, families and community partners who are vital parts of our mission to inspire success.”

    Reporting on the Division’s progress associated with this year’s Education Plan will occur in the fall of 2025 through the Annual Education Results Report.

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