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  • Construction on Ohpaho Secondary School is progressing well, and it is expected to open in September 2024.

    At their Special Board Meeting on November 3, 2023, the Black Gold School Division’s Board of Trustees voted to approve the Administration’s recommendations for boundary and grade configurations for its schools in Leduc (excluding *Covenant Christian School and the Leduc Outreach School), as presented. 

    The recommendations include:

    • Creating attendance boundaries for Ohpaho Secondary School and Leduc Composite High School, with Highway 2 acting as the boundary line for attendance areas between the two high schools. Students on the east side of Highway 2 will attend Leduc Composite High School, and those on the west side of Highway 2 will attend Ohpaho Secondary School.
      *The Black Gold School Division will continue to honor its agreement with Covenant Christian School (CCS). All CCS students will have access to a Leduc-area school depending on where they reside in relation to Highway 2, which acts as the boundary line for attendance areas between the two high schools.
    • Relocating Caledonia Park School Grade 8 and 9 students to Leduc Composite High School.
    • Relocating West Haven Public School Grade 8 and 9 students to Ohpaho Secondary School.
    • Relocating all K – 6 students from the neighbourhood of Black Stone to École Leduc Estates School for French Immersion (FI) programming, and to West Haven Public School for English (ENG) programming.
    • Relocating all K – 6 students in the neighbourhood of Woodbend from Linsford Park School to École Leduc Estates School for both FI and ENG programming.
    • Implementing the above recommendations in conjunction with the opening of Ohpaho Secondary School for the 2024 – 2025 school year.

    To support equitable programming through balanced senior high numbers at both schools, the grades 10-12 French Immersion program, currently located at Leduc Composite High School, will be moved to Ohpaho Secondary School.

    “The feedback received through consultations with our school families, staff, and stakeholders was a significant factor in the Board’s decision,” said Board Chair Esther Eckert. “The approved recommendations strike a balanced approach to viable enrolments at all schools and minimizes disruptions to students and families, while providing continuing quality programming for all students through equitable school utilization. They also provide a measure of stability for our schools for the foreseeable future.”

    “Moving to a grade 8 to 12 configuration provides adequate space for students at both Leduc Composite High School and Ohpaho Secondary School, and creates sufficient capacity to accommodate the growth of new students within their attendance boundaries,” said Superintendent of Schools Bill Romanchuk. “Both secondary schools will provide students with comparable opportunities for programming; however, each school will offer unique courses based on the expertise of the staff and available facilities.”

    “The Working Committee thanks all students and families for their patience during this complex review process,” said Associate Superintendent-Learning Services Norm Dargis. “Ohpaho Secondary School will help meet the needs of a growing community, and we look forward to opening this beautiful new structure in the fall.”

    For more information on the approved changes, please refer to the Leduc Schools Boundary and Grade Configuration Review webpage.

    View the 2023 Leduc Schools Boundary and Grade Configuration Review Recommendation Report.

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