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April 6, 2020

COVID-19 Update – Student Fees & Refunds – Update #2

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We hope you have had a relaxing week off and are continuing to take good care of yourself and each other.  

During Spring Break, Black Gold worked diligently to process refunds for all requests received for Non-Curricular Travel and Activity Fees (Field Trips).  As promised, the following information is being provided to update you regarding Optional Courses, Extracurricular, Enhanced ECS, Transportation, Technology and Non-Curricular Goods and Services Fees. 

Credits & Refunds

As per Administrative Procedure 505, each category of fees (i.e. Optional Courses, Extracurricular, etc.) may be subject to a different procedure for refunds. The guidelines state “In certain circumstances, a student may be eligible for a refund of fees which have been paid.  In other situations, all of the money collected may have already been spent and a refund will not be issued.”  

If a full or partial refund is deemed appropriate, there will be a credit issued on account for any refunded fees unless you request to be paid out. Payments will not be issued for amounts less than $5.00 or if there are other fees outstanding to the Division.  

When a credit is issued on account, it is visible the next time you log into your PowerSchool Parent account. When a refund has been issued, a refund receipt will be forwarded to the email address provided when you registered your student in PowerSchool Enrollment.

Division Transportation Fee

The Transportation Fee will be credited on account based on a prorated amount. There will be a credit equivalent to 3 ½ months or $101.50 for a single student fee or $241.75 for a family refund (monthly rate less the cost of a bus pass of $11.00). 

The 2020-2021 Division Transportation Fee will be posted on account in June, and any credits issued in 2019-2020 will automatically be applied to next year’s fee. We encourage parents not to apply for a Division Transportation Fee refund, unless the last student in the family is graduating or the family is leaving the Division.  

Division Technology Fee

The Technology Fee will not be refunded, as there is a continued or increased requirement for technology during class cancellation. 

Optional Courses, Extracurricular, Enhanced ECS, Non-Curricular Goods and Services Fees

Upon return from Spring Break, school secretaries will assess each fee for Optional Courses, Extracurricular, Enhanced ECS, and Non-Curricular Goods and Services individually and will review the amount spent in each fee category prior to the cancellation of classes on March 16. If the school has not incurred a cost, the fee will be credited on account for the cost not yet incurred. In some cases, the entire fee amount may have already been spent and a credit will not be issued. 

Hot Lunch Fees

Fees related to activities such as Hot Lunch are typically organized by the parent’s group. They will be responsible for any applicable refunds. 


We had several parents respond to our original Student Fees and Refunds email, advising Black Gold to keep the fee as a donation. We realize that every family is facing a different financial situation, but if you would like to donate your student fee refund (or another amount) to your school, we have attempted to make the process as easy as possible by adding a donation form to your account. Simply complete the form, add the requested donation amount, indicate the purpose of the donation, and the funds will be donated to your school. Tax deductible receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.00 as per Administrative Procedure 526.

Have Questions? 

If you have any questions, please contact your school directly. School staff will process credits as quickly as they can, but remember that a large junior or senior high school may have numerous fees to review. As we work diligently to issue a high volume of credits and refunds, we ask for your understanding and patience. 

Please Stay Tuned

Please continue to monitor your emails and the Division’s website for regular updates.  This is how we will keep you up-to-date with any new information.  


Laurel Kvarnberg
Director of Finance
Black Gold School Division
Black Gold School Division Administrative Procedure 505 – Student Fees