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  • New location for Black Gold Outreach – Beaumont School

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    On Friday, October 12, 2018, Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 (BGRD) celebrated the re-opening of its Outreach location in Beaumont, following a move to Beaumont’s Community Centre this school year.

    Black Gold Outreach – Beaumont School offers alternative education opportunities to students who require more flexibility than a traditional classroom setting provides. It was previously located in the Chantal Bérubé Youth Centre, but increasing demand necessitated a move for the 2018 – 2019 year. Enrolment has more than quadrupled since Black Gold Outreach – Beaumont School opened in 2012.

    “Beaumont is a very diverse place,” says Bill Romanchuk, BGRD’s Associate Superintendent of Learning Services, “As the town grows, there’s more need for diverse programs and that’s exactly what the school offers.”

    The expanded footprint has allowed the school to expand its programming to junior high students. It has also become a ‘hub’ for alternative programming in BGRD. The staff involved in programming for Black Gold Home-Based School are now also working out of the new facility, as is the Division’s Online and Blended Learning Coordinator, and staff from the Regional Collaborative Delivery Service (RCSD).

    Romanchuk calls it a ‘synergy’ of non-traditional programming. “Staff are in the same building, so they can communicate when a student requires additional support to determine what is the best program for that student.”

    Construction on the new facility began in the spring of 2018 and was completed in time for the start of the 2018 – 2019 school year.  It was designed by The Workun Garrick Partnership and built by Prologic Construction Ltd. The result is a modern and inviting setting.

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