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Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten

All applicable Black Gold schools are now open for 2024-2025 Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten intake!

If you have a preschooler who faces challenges like following directions, communication issues, anxiety, or developmental delays, early intervention is crucial. Our Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten (EI-PreK) program provides specialized support to help your child thrive – academically, socially, and emotionally.

Don’t wait for things to get harder—take action now to give your child the best start to their education career. Invest their future success by applying for a screening to find out if your child can qualify for our *free Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten (EI-PreK) program!

For more information, contact Early Childhood Services Coordinator Rebecca Aiken at

*Note: There is a yearly material enhancement fee of $60.00 for 3 year old students and $80.00 for 4 year old students.

Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten intake now open.

About Our Program

The Black Gold School Division (BGSD) offers Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten (EI-PreK) in many of the communities in which we operate.

Our Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten (EI-PreK) programs provide the following:

  • Learning guided by a professional ATA teacher.
  • A three-to-one ratio of students to staff.
  • Individualized program planning with parents to address each child’s needs.
  • Specialized, intensive service in areas of special needs.
  • Integrated and individual speech and language services.
  • Access to Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Psychological Services.

When Is My Child Eligible To Attend Early Intervention Programs (EI-PreK)?

To be accepted into the program, children must be at least two and eight months of age on August 31st of the respective school year. Consider having an intake screening and determining if your child is eligible for our program.

Early Intervention Pre-Kindergarten (EI-PreK) Locations (2024-2025 programs – subject to change)

Our programs at the schools listed below are early intervention sites supporting children with a delay in one or more areas of development, or if English is an Additional Language:

  • Calmar Elementary School
  • École Bellevue School
    *Designated Pre-Kindergarten site for all Beaumont attendance areas and New Sarepta Elementary School
  • École Corinthia Park School
    *Designated Pre-Kindergarten site for Caledonia Park School, East Elementary School, West Haven Public School
  • Linsford Park School
    *Designated Pre-Kindergarten site for École Leduc Estates School, Willow Park School and Linsford Park School
  • Robina Baker Elementary School
  • Thorsby Elementary School
    *Designated Pre-Kindergarten site for Warburg School

* Please note: Covenant Christian Play School does not fall under the Black Gold School Division Pre-Kindergarten umbrella, please contact the school directly for more information about registration for that program.

Children with Special Needs

For more information about programming for children with special needs, please contact ECS coordinator Rebecca Aiken at

Is Transportation Provided?

We do not provide transportation to Pre-Kindergarten students.