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  • 2023 Inspiring Success Award Nominee: Cherilyn Vreim

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    The nominees for this year’s Inspiring Success Award of Distinction include École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School (ESBCHS) Athletic Director, Cherilyn Vreim.

    Cherilyn has dedicated herself to the Bandits Athletics program. If there is something going on after school, Cherilyn is there. Whether she is running the Phil Oh Memorial Volleyball tournament, or staying until 9 P.M. to help run the wrestling championships, you can find her running around the gyms, making sure everything is smooth sailing.

    When Cherilyn has a vision, ESBCHS staff know that it’s not “if” that vision comes to life, it’s when. This year, she redesigned the athletics wall and has already completed it with every team’s pictures and the Athlete’s of the Year. She has also amalgamated the old banners that were taking up space in the gymnasium into combined banners, giving the gymnasium a much more clean and modern feel.

    “Cherilyn has played a huge role in our Athletics department this year. Our current Athletic Director is retiring in June 2023, and Cherilyn has taken on major aspects of the role to ensure a smooth transition for the 23/24 school year,” said one of the nominators, Kaycee McKinney. “Students and staff lean on her for advice, support, and her “Get it done” attitude. She has created a girls handball program at our school from the ground up, which went on to win the Division 2 Metro Athletics City Championship this past month. It was so amazing to see the athletes, and Cherilyn, bring home a banner this year.” 

    Within the Physical Education program, Cherilyn has made an effort to strengthen community

    relations with the City of Beaumont, other facilities in Beaumont and outdoor swimming in Devon. ESBCHS P.E. students are now able to experience a wide variety of activities and sports, including tennis, curling, hockey, football, baseball, and swimming. This has been excellent for so many students who might not like only playing traditional basketball and volleyball.

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