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  • 2023 Supt.’s Service Award Nominee: Amy Porter

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    The nominees for this year’s Superintendent’s Service Award for Excellence include Robina Baker Elementary School (RBES) Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Amy Porter.

    Amy Porter is an outstanding educator and leader who puts her students’ needs first and she truly programs for each individual child. She leads an amazing team and together they navigate and provide programming to overcome or support some of the most challenging circumstances or barriers for students in our school division. 

    Amy has a vision of success for every child that she teaches and her passion for early intervention and her love of children allow all students in her program to progress to meet goals and milestones that many deem impossible. She is truly an inspiration for those who have the privilege to work alongside her in the classroom or as part of our school team.

    “Amy volunteers for all opportunities that she is able to at RBES and is a proud Raptor. Her team spirit is contagious and her warm and funny nature are encouraging others to join in. She not only participates in spirit activities for both staff and students, but she also creates many opportunities for her teammates to connect with her in a way outside of regularly scheduled events that foster strong relationships and helps support problem-solving that is eventually required as the lead of a large school team,” said one of the nominators, Katherine Kloschinsky. “We often joke that Amy is the administrator of her own mini school and she masterfully maneuvers administrative functions while maintaining and supporting strong team relationships and balancing feedback and coaching for her EAs.”

    Amy continually looks for opportunities to better the programming for her students. As part of this, her commitment to the Division is demonstrated regularly in how she works with all Pre-K teachers, consultants, and coaches across our district. She reaches out, inquires, seeks input, and looks for ways to collaborate with our community ECD (Early Childhood Development) group in the Town of Devon and has facilitated strong partnerships with other local ECD partners and providers.

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