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  • 2023 Inspiring Success Award Nominee: Deanne Dorash

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    The nominees for this year’s Inspiring Success Award of Distinction include École J.E. Lapointe School (EJELP) Learning Support Teacher, Deanne Dorash.

    Deanne Dorash continuously displays positivity, a strong work ethic, and a warm personality while investing countless hours on additional tasks and programs at school. Some of these tasks include spearheading our weekly FLEX program, analyzing comments and grades on PowerSchool, and facilitating parent-teacher meetings. Without Deanne Dorash’s never-ending efforts to better École J.E. Lapointe School, students and staff would miss out on invaluable opportunities.

    “Mrs. Dorash has a profound impact on the school’s climate. Her leadership qualities, interpersonal relationships and genuine passion for teaching are recognized and valued every day,”  said one of the nominators, Sara Stanley. “These traits are evident when she is asked to be an acting administrator, leads staff meetings, and the innumerable hours she spends coaching badminton, leading our outdoor track and field team, and serving as a mentor for our numerous coaches. We are all grateful for her valued commitment.”

    Mrs. Dorash inspires success through her inclusive teaching philosophy. As a Learning Support Teacher, she is a vocal advocate for all students, especially those with diverse learning needs. Among the many ways she advocates for the student body, she leads teaching staff in developing appropriate accommodations to ensure all students reach their full academic and social potential.

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