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Inspiring Success Award of Distinction: 2022 Nominees

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Every year since 2013, the Black Gold School Division Board of Trustees has presented the Inspiring Success Award of Distinction to honour employees who have:

  • Made a notable, significant and positive contribution to the Division
  • Demonstrated leadership that has had an identifiable impact, and has made a significant difference to public education in the Black Gold community
  • Inspired Success in students and/or staff through our stated values of Student-Centred Learning, Relationships, Safe and Supportive Environment, Passion, and Responsible Resource Management

Staff are nominated by their peers and colleagues, the Awards Committee reviews the nominations and selects the recipient, then the Board presents the award at the Division-wide Staff Welcome Back event held in September.

“We are proud to highlight this year’s outstanding nominees,” said Board Vice Chair Angie Charpentier. “Due to the challenges we have faced over the past two years, it is even more important for the Board of Trustees to acknowledge the excellent work done by all our educators and support staff. Their resilience, ongoing dedication and unwavering commitment to student learning in safe and healthy environments allowed our schools to keep education on track through the trying times.”

See below for the 2022 nominees for the Inspiring Success Award of Distinction:

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